The Mindset Solution for the Committed Bar Exam Taker


You’ve done all you could & you still failed the Bar…

The guide is free…The illumination is PRICELESS

What’s your experience?

I postponed the Bar.  

I felt good.  I felt relieved. 

“I postponed it. I’ll have more time.”

I stabilized my life, signed up for just the MBE, since I had passed the state portion.

And I got new study tools. 

I took it.  And I missed it by one point. 

I think that one was the hardest one to deal with it because I worked SO hard. 

When you get to where…

“I don’t care if I fail this like 50 times, I mean I really don’t want to do that, but I will literally keep taking this exam until I can figure out what it is that I have to do.  I am committing.  I’m going to do this.  I will do whatever it takes to do this.”

…then you’re ready to shift your mind.


  • How to constructively process the setbacks you’ve experienced

  • The right next steps to concretely move forward

  • Key changes to make to produce different results

  • And the most important factor to improving your study focus and passing the Bar.

Learn the right mindset, that will let you pull together the best tools, schedule, and study methods for you, and ensure you use them effectively to beat the Bar. 

Everything begins and ends with mindset.

Start with this free guide. 


Meet your New Mentor Jennifer Duclair, Esq.

Attorney-turned-Positive Psychology Coach, Jennifer acquired everything she ever dreamed of having. But it wasn’t without struggle.

“Passing the Bar the first time and getting a job right after is the coveted route.  No other outcome crossed my mind. I prided myself on having never failed at anything before and that this Bar Exam would be no sweat. I went and sat for the Bar, and I failed. You’re talking about the girl who started college at age 15; was traipsing around the world worry-free with degree in hand by age 20; and had gotten through a top-tier Law School curriculum while raising a child, serving in the military and working!   I couldn’t even begin to add up how failing the Bar had even happened.”

Jennifer cracked the riddle to the Bar Exam retake cycle, uncovering the ONE THING Law schools and Bar reviews hadn’t been covering in class. Mindset. With the proven, repeatable process that Jennifer created, she went on to blast through barrier after barrier to achieve each new goal she set. Armed with a set system to transform any hurdle into fuel for success, she turned to helping others who experienced the same setbacks she once did. She began teaching and coaching Bar Exam takers on how to transform setbacks, shift mindset, and blast past barriers so they could excel on the Bar Exam and beyond. And she has been doing just that with a 100% success rate, to date.

Jennifer competently guides committed, resourceful, and coachable, Bar Exam takers to shorten their wait between Graduation and swearing-in date, feel solid walking into the Bar exam, and to close this chapter of academia so they can finally can move on to their attorney lives.